Soho, NYC — for Soho Design District

Cover image for Soho Design District’s spring 2018 brochure and neighborhood map.
Bonus: unused winter-themed version!

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On the Road Together — for Sacred Heart Major Seminary

I created the centerpiece illustration and all assets for a short film, which premiered at the 2018 Archbishop’s Gala in Detroit, MI.
Animation by James Pinard. Art direction by Don Hart.

The Road of Life from Sacred Heart Major Seminary on Vimeo.

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Microsoft Experiential Graphics — for CES 2016

Worked with Julia Liu and Colossal Media to create interactive illustrations for Microsoft’s ambitious booth at the industry-famous Consumer Electronics Show. It’s definitely best showed off in video form:

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Mean – cover for Penguin Books

Illustration for a young adult book set in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Alas, it did not make it into the world as a published cover.

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Live portraits — for Marriott’s Autograph Collection Hotels

I customized coffee cups at a Marriott Autograph Collection event in NYC. 
Thanks to Indiewalls & BMF Media for coordinating the event.

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San Francisco

Selected SF scenes designed to be printed on merch for a travel startup.

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Foremothers — for Adele Fournet

Cover for her latest album.

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Washington Square Park, NYC

Mixed media illustration for a private client

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Palm Springs, CA — for Indiewalls

Watercolor painting commemorating a conference in Palm Springs.
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