Eleanor Doughty is an illustrator based in Seattle: originally from northern Virginia, temporary Brooklynite, now currently in the Pacific Northwest. Sketchbook in hand, she travels her neighborhood and foreign countries the same way, pen in hand, eyes up. She lives with her partner in an apartment by the lake with 60 houseplants, give or take. Eleanor has a studio practice at Common Area Maintenance in Seattle. 

Follow her sketching correspondence on the Seattle Urban Sketchers blog.

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Education: Virginia Commonwealth University, B.F.A. 2013

Selected clients: Boston Globe Magazine, Downtown Seattle Association, Hilton, Hong Kong Living, Indiewalls, Kroger, Lion’s Roar Magazine, Marriott, Microsoft, Penguin/Random House, Rappaport, VICE, west elm

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Selected Press / Published

• DestinAsian Magazine. March 2019
• Superstition Review (ASU online literary magainze): Issue 22. December 2018
• The Sun Gazette: Artists Putting Finishing Touches on Scenic Mural in Vienna. November 2018
• Capitol Hill Tool Library: Eleanor Doughty profile & interview. July 2018
• CBS19: New mural highlights Charlottesville's diversity and beauty. June 2018
• Vienna Patch: Stunning Mural to Beautify Vienna, VA Shopping Center. May 2018

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are your dream projects?
A: working on backgrounds/environmental visual development for games or animations! Also more murals! and live drawing events.

Q: Will you paint me a picture?
A: me!

Q: what is “urban sketching”?
A: the practice of drawing from life, recording authentically what’s in front of you. merging journalism and visual art. drawing in groups and alone, and sharing online what we make.

Q: who/what are some of your influences?
A: Big fan of: Japanese animation, especially Studio Ghibli films, Science SARU, Tekkonkinkreet. French animation and comics! And mid-century American/European illustration and printmaking. 
I’m also a big fan of Amazonian cultures’ woven baskets, pre-Columbian South American figurative sculpture, Japanese traditional woodblock printing, and the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.
Oh, and the work of Egon Schiele.

Q: what pen do you use?
A: drawing is more about composition and line quality than “magic tools”...but I really like using parallel pens (sometimes modified) and other kinds of tools that make chunky lines.

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