Mexico City

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I stayed in Cuauhtemóc, CDMX for 4 weeks in early 2022. I loved the big trees in the center, street food, hustle and bustle, bike lanes, tacos al pastor, our friendly torta seller guy on the corner, hamburgesas, jugos, practicing my Spanish by chatting with the DiDi drivers, going to the many museums (especially Museo de Arte Popular and Museo de Arte Moderno).

I tried to capture the energy of this city in my artwork by using a very layered, multi media approach to show movement, change, and texture.

Avenida de la Reforma

Saint Panaderia, Hipodrómo

Palacio de Bellas Artes

Roma Norte

Panaderia Rosetta, Roma Norte

Plaza Popocatépetl

Jacarandas in Juárez

Taco stand near Chilpancingo station

Museo Jardín de Agua

El Pendulo bookshop, Condesa

El Otro Café, Anzures

Café by Parque México


Valle de Bravo

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