TRU Hilton

I work with Indiewalls & Hilton’s TRU line of hotels to create large-scale bespoke artwork for their lobbies, highlighting local attractions.

I work on the illustrations as digital files, then vinyls are printed and installed on site at each hotel at around 20’ x 10’. 

Eugene, Oregon

Vector + ink illustration showing the lush Oregonian landscape and local trail runners.

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Indianapolis, Indiana

Map-style illustration showing local landmarks of the downtown area at twilight.

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Jacksonville, Florida

I illustrated the skyline of this sunny Floridian waterfront city, as well as several of its local landmarks.

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Rapid City, South Dakota

Digital illustration printed at ~10 x 18’ ft, installed summer 2019. Local favorite pastimes (climbing, mountain biking, motorcycle touring) and famous landmarks (Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, and Needles Highway rock formations) are shown.)

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St. George, Utah

Digital illustration printed at around 20’ long as a wall-sized mural. Custom made to show scenery, typical activities, and local landmarks around this city near Zion National Park. The hotel opened early in 2019.

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Elkhart, Indiana

A center of RV manufacturing in the USA in northern Indiana, I illustrated some outdoor recreational activities you can do in Elkhart, as well as local plants & wildlife.

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