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I’m very excited to present my first course with Domestika, Expressive Urban Sketching.
It teaches how I capture a dynamic urban scene showing lots of movement, using mixed media and a limited palette. It takes you through the whole process, starting from the very beginning - mixing & applying watercolor, how to use watersoluble media, and creating value thumbnails.

This course is good for beginners as well as experienced artists. It's over 2 hours of video material (subtitled in many languages) with 12 additional pieces of downloadable content.  Click through for the trailer and more information.

I give personal feedback to everyone that posts in the community, and if you post your finial project I give you a little critique there!


Focal Points for Storytelling in Watercolor (Recording)

Learn to compose a complex scene without losing the person as your focus. I’ll show you how to paint a shoreline scene with a minimal colour palette. You’ll learn to use multiple mediums to tell a story with your painting.

This class is for beginner to intermediate artists, who are acquainted with the medium and supplies.

Stylising your urban sketches can give them character and will make them stand out!

In this approximately 1 hour Mini Workshop Recording with artist Eleanor Doughty, learn how to simplify and stylise objects into charming and coherent versions of themselves. Paint along with Eleanor as she helps you highlight the areas of the scene that you want to focus on using simplified shapes and solid black areas. For Eleanor, stylising what you see is one of the backbones of a unique artistic style. Get a jumpstart in finding your creative voice!

This Mini Workshop Recording is for beginner to advanced artists.

Create a playful and dynamic waterfront scene using watercolour and opaque media with urban illustrator Eleanor Doughty in this 2-hour Master Class!

Tackle a rustic beach scene with built structures, a rocky shoreline, water, and foliage with the versatility of mixed media. Experiment with different ways of linemaking and capturing texture using paint markers, coloured ink, pencils, and watercolour. Take advantage of the unique strengths of various drawing tools to capture details and add charm to rustic scenes. Experiment with different media to solve visual challenges in your paintings and train your critical artistic skills!

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Disclaimer: Please note that this is NOT a live 2-hour Class and is merely a recording (replay) of one. Voices from the students will be heard in this video.

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